Hotel Stadt Beelitz

The History of Hotel Stadt Beelitz

Built in 1898 and run as “Hotel Schwarzer Adler” until World War I, the hotel changed its name to “HO Stadt Beelitz” in GDR times. After German reunification it was a restaurant, whereby a music hall with a stage and a bar were added in additional buildings at the back.  Some rooms on the top floor were used as an apartment, others were rented out to the church for choir practice and the like.

In 1996, the whole building was refurbished and enlarged in the course of one year and was renamed “Hotel Beelitz-Schwarzer Adler”. The buildings at the back were torn down and main building was redeveloped, whereby the facade, which is under a preservation order, has remained unchanged to this day.

In 2010 the hotel was again refurbished. A hotel bar and a business centre were added to the service as well as a beautiful terrace and a garden.